Tortes & Gateaux

Guilty pleasure

The home of delicious handmade tortes and gateaux in North Perth

Our tempting tortes and gateaux are handmade using delicate ingredients, making them so much more than just your average cake. Available in a wide range of sizes and varieties, we have various elegant tortes and gateaux available, filled with fruit, cream, nuts, and all things sweet.

At Dolcetto Patisserie & Café in North Perth, we love providing our customers with indulgent desserts that are ideal for an everyday treat or a special occasion. Check out our selection of beautiful tortes and gateaux.
 2 layers whipped chocolate ganache
Chocolate Ganache

Chocolate Ganache Gateau

chocolate mud cake with strawberries
Chocolate Mud Cake

Chocolate Mud Cake

Italian chocolate gateau with cherries and chocolate curls
Chocolate Torta

Italian Chocolate Gateau

Fruits of the Forest chocolate cake
Fruits of the Forest

Fruits of the Forest
Chocolate Cake

Hazelnut gateau with chocolate
Hazelnut Torta

Hazelnut Gateau

Traditional Italian Cake
Italian St. Honere

Traditional Italian Cake

Light Traditional Italian Torta
Italian Torta

A light traditional Italian torta

Traditional Italian Torta with Puffs
Italian Torta with Puffs

Traditional Italian torta
with puffs

Gateau with slivered almonds and strawberries
Mille Foglie

One of Dolcetto’s
finest cakes!

Gateau with puffs on the side
Primavera Gateau

A taste of summer!

Two semi freddo gateaux
Semi Freddo Gateau

Traditional Italian Gateau

Strawberry gateau with chocolate
Strawberry Gateau

For the love of strawberries!

Classic italian tiramisu

A beautiful traditional
Italian favourite

Italian torta with flaked almonds
Torta Mandorla

Traditional Italian torta with flaked almonds

Want eye-catching celebration tortes and gateaux for a special occasion? Call us now on 08 9328 1557 to place your order.

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